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논문 상세정보

수분 및 Glycerol의 섭취가 운동시 renin activity, 직장온도, 혈중 전해질 농도에 미치는 효과

The Effects of Ingestion of Water or Glycerol on Renin Activity, Rectum Temperature, Blood Electrolytes Concentration in Exercise


본 연구는 수분 및 글리세를 섭취가 renin activity, 직장온도, 혈중 전해질 농도에 미치는 효과에 대하여 알아보기 위해 수분 섭취 그룹과 글리세롤 섭취 그룹으로 나누어 측정한 결과는 다음과 같다. renin activity의 경우, 안정시와 비교하여 운동 후 40분에 수분 섭취 그룹과 글리세를 섭취 그룹에서 유의한 증가를 보였다(p<0.01). Osmolality의 경우, 수분 섭취 그룹에서 차이를 보이지 않았으나, 글리세를 섭취그룹에서는 안정 시와 비교하여 운동 후 40분에 차이를 보였다(p<0.05). 직장온도의 경우, 수분 섭취 그룹과 글리세를 섭취 그룹 모두 운동 시간에 따라 점진적으로 증가하는 것을 볼 수 있었다. Na과 K의 경우, 수분 섭취 그룹에서 차이를 보이지 않았으나 글리세를 섭취 그룹에서 차이를 보였다(p<0.05). Ca과 Mg의 경우, 두 그룹 모두 그룹과 운동시기 간에 유의한 차이를 보이지 않았다.


The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of ingestion of water or glycerol on renin activity, rectum temperature, blood electrolytes concentration in exercise. The present study took as its subjects five male students who major in physical education. The two different conditions were based on ingestion of water, ingestion of glycerol and a series of four blood gatherings were carried out at rest, at post-exercise 20 min, at post-exercise 40 min, at recovery. The findings of this study was as follows; On renin activity change, in the comparison within at rest ingestion of glycerol, ingestion of water were significant difference at post-exercise 20, 40 min (p<0.01). 2. On osmolality change, in the comparison within at rest, ingestion of glycerol was significant difference at post-exercise 40 min (p<0.05). ingestion of water was not. On Na and K concentration change, in the comparison within at rest, ingestion of glycerol was significant difference at post-exercise 40 min (p<0.05), ingestion of water was not. On Ca and Mg change, in the comparison within at rest, ingestion of glycerol, ingestion of water were no significant difference at all period.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Ha, Mi-Sook ; Park, Rae-Joon 2009. "The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Electrolytes Concentration after Spinal Cord Injured Rats" 대한물리의학회지 = Journal of the korean society of physical medicine, 4(4): 215~220 


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