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논문 상세정보


Objectives : This study aimed to examine current educational experiences, knowledge, intention to report, and requests for child abuse education in medical interns. Methods : A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in 2006 and 2007. The study sample consisted of 193 medical interns who served their internships at the university hospital. They answered 11 self-administered questionnaires related to child abuse. Results : Although respondents indicated a strong will to assist in eradicating abuse of children, about 90% had no educational experiences and knowledge of child abuse. Ignorance was a major factor for low reported cases of abused children. The preferred nominated reporting agency for child abuse was the National Child Protection Agency in 47.9% of female respondents, while 48.3% of males nominated Police Stations as their preferred option. In relation to sexual abuse, Police Stations were the preferred reporting agency by 49.2% of males and 37.0% of females. Medical school curricula were chosen by the majority of interns as the most appropriate stage where child abuse education should be introduced. Conclusion : This study found that medical graduates had limited experience and knowledge related to child abuse. The medical school curricula for child abuse needs to be further developed, implemented, and evaluated when appropriate.

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