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논문 상세정보

원공결함을 갖는 SM45C 인장시험편의 강도해석과 음향방출에 관한 사례연구

Case Study on the Load-Deflection and Acoustic Emission Analysis of SM45C Coupons with a Circular Hole Defect under Tensile Loading


The SM45C metallic coupons have been tested under static tensile loading with acoustic emission (AE) as the load-deflection curve mainly. In this study, we used AE to detect the yielding of material and AE techniques was applied to rapidly estimate the mechanical characteristics of a material. First, coupons without an artificial defect were tested at different cross-head speed. For all cases in this analysis, yielding point of SM45C coupons did not appear definitely compared to mild steel, whereas coupons start to generate AE counts upon yielding. So all cases are normalized to know the possibility of accelerated life test of a material. And next, coupons with different from sizes of circular hole defects were tested at the same cross-head speed of 5 mm/min. Results were classified into 3 classes and analyzed by AE amplitude & signal strength as a function of time. Summarizing the specific conclusions, we need to additional research considering plate with width-ratio in order to estimate the fracture mechanism.

저자의 다른 논문

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