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논문 상세정보

추심결제(D/P, D/A)방식에서의 위험관리에 관한 연구

A Study for risk management on Documentary Collection(D/P, D/A) Payment


According to globalization and localization of world economics international trade payment method was also changed. A traditional payment was Letter of Credit basis, however it is being increased to various methods such as remittance, documentary collection(D/P, D/A) and open account. In order to acquire a secure export payment, exporters prefer to L/C basis which is guaranteed by a reliable bank. However, the L/C should bear a security so that importers would rather documentary collection than L/C. The reasons for the preference of collection payment rather than L/C are a low commission cost, the conversion of buyer's market from seller's market due to severe competition in the world market, transaction increase between main office and branches and a right to control the goods until executing the payment by exporters. Besides of them, collection payment can handle safer and faster than open account basis. However, the collection payment has a risk which it isn't guaranteed by bank for the payment so that I would suggest countermeasures to minimize the payment risk utilizing the collection basis as follows; using export credit insurance system, a large domestic credit report provider such as D&B for absolutely fresh and new information, a collection proxy service for overseas deferred credit and suggestion specifying to order B/L not straight one on consignee in order to transfer the right of ownership with endorsement without problem.


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