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논문 상세정보

장애인의 이용을 고려한 스포츠시설의 면적현황 분석에 관한 연구

A Study on the Areal Analysis of the Sports Center for the Disabled User


As people's interest in the increase of individual leisure time and health grows, their interest in sports is also growing day by day to improve their standards of living. In the midst of the social changes, people's awareness of the disabled's sports activities is changing as well. However, the disabled's full access to public sports centers is restricted due to the shortage of facilities, area and available programs in public sports centers including community gymnasiums. In order to solve this problem, rehabilitation sports centers have been built as part of public sports centers, but the number of rehabilitation sports centers is still small. Besides, the disabled find themselves uncomfortable when using rehabilitation sports centers because most of them are outdated and too small in size. To make matters worse, sports centers for the use of the disabled only have a negative effect on the disabled's making inroads into society by hampering them from being a part of social unification. This study made a comparative analysis on the areal state of indoor gyms and swimming pools, which are the main areal factors of rehabilitation sports centers and public sports centers. Based on this analysis, this study aims to propose a sports center use plan for both the disabled and non-disabled. As a result, the total floor area ratios of indoor gyms for the disabled were found to be higher than those of public sports centers. This is because many indoor gyms for the disabled are not well equipped with resting areas, auxiliary or supporting areas. Regarding swimming pools for the disabled, their total floor area ratios and areas were found to be lower than those of public sports centers because, in many cases, these swimming pools are used for the rehabilitation of the disabled in rehabilitation sports centers. For this reason, swimming area for individual leisure activity or hobby is insufficient.

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