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논문 상세정보


The cyclic polarisation technique was applied to determine the corrosion, primary-passivation, transpassive, and protection potential of AISI 316L stainless steels immersed in 3550-ppm NaCl solution containing sulfate in the content up to 3000 ppm. The solutions were kept constant at $27^{\circ}C$ and saturated by laboratory air. The solution pH was varied from 3 to 11. Each type of potentials was plotted in function of pH and linked as lines to determine the different zones in the constructed potential-pH diagram. The predominant regimes of the immunity, general corrosion, perfect passivation, imperfect passivation, and pitting corrosion were determined based on those lines of potentials. Comparing to the potential-pH diagram of specimens immersed in the aerated and deaerated 3550-ppm NaCl solutions, the addition of 3000-ppm $Na_2SO_4$ to these solutions increased the overall, perfect and imperfect, passivation regime by shifting the transpassive-potential line to the noble direction. However, it also widened the imperfect passivation area. The addition of $Na_2SO_4$ did not significantly affect the corrosion potential. It was found that the dissolved oxygen tends to negatively shift the transpassive-potential and protection-potential lines at all studied pH. The considerable effect of dissolved oxygen on corrosion and primary-passivation potentials could not be observed.

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