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논문 상세정보

Contribution of Water Chemistry in Initiation of Some Accelerated Corrosion Processes in CANDU-PHWR Primary System

Corrosion science and technology v.7 no.2 , 2008년, pp.85 - 91  

By operation in aqueous environment at high temperature and pressure, the structural materials from Primary Heat Transport System (PHTS) cover with protective oxide films, which maintain the corrosion rate in admissible limits. A lot of potential factors exist, which conduct to degradation of the protective films and consequently to intensification of the corrosion processes. The existing experience of different nuclear reactors shows that the water chemistry has an important role in integrity maintaining of the protective oxide films. To investigate the influence of water chemistry (pH, O2 dissolved, $Cl^-$, $F^-$) on corrosion of some structural materials (carbon and martensitic steel, Zr and Ni alloys) and to establish the maximum permissible values, corrosion experiments by static autoclaving and electrochemical methods were performed. The experimental results allowed us to establish the contribution of the water chemistry in initiation and evolution of some accelerated corrosion processes.

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