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논문 상세정보

Corrosion Cost Survey in Japan - Focusing on Transportation Industry

Corrosion science and technology v.7 no.5 , 2008년, pp.252 - 258  

The Committee on the Cost of Corrosion in Japan was organized in 1999 jointly by the Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering (JSCE) and the Japan Association of Corrosion Control (JACC). Corrosion cost as of FY1997 was estimated based on the Uhlig and Hoar methods similarly to that conducted in 1974. The estimated corrosion cost of 1997 was compared with that reported for 1974 with speculation on the change in industrial environment. The overall costs estimated by the Uhlig and Hoar methods for 1997 were 3,938 billion yen and 5,258 billion yen, respectively, which were equivalent to 0.77% and 1.02% of the GNP of Japan. The process of organization formation, procedures for analyses and the results of cost evaluation were described by adjusting a focus on transportation industry.

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