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논문 상세정보


To assess the relationship between Cd fraction in paddy soils and Cd in polished rice, soils and rice were analyzed at the 3 Cd contaminated paddy fields near closed mines. Major Cd fractions of A field were organically bound (62.6%) and Fe-Mn oxide bound (25.3%) forms. In case of B field, major Cd fractions of B1 field were carbonate bound (46.3%) and Fe-Mn oxide bound (31.6%) form whereas B2 field were residual (54.3%) and carbonate bound (21.8%) form, respectively. It showed a huge difference of Cd fraction each other. 0.1M HCl extractable Cd in soil was positively correlated with Cd in rice. Specially, the ratios of 0.1M HCl extractable Cd against total Cd content in soils were 13.7%, 2.6%, and 0.45% in A, B1, and B2 fields, respectively. These ratio were largely affected with Cd uptake to rice grain. Also, exchangable, Fe-Mn oxide bound, and carbonate bound form, which are partially bioavailable Cd fraction to the plant, were positively correlated with Cd in rice while organically bound and residual form was not correlated. Multiple regression equation was developed with Rice Cd = -0.02861 + 0.07456 FR 1(exchangeable) + 0.00252 FR 2(carbonate bound) + 0.001075 FR 3(Fe Mn oxide bound) - 0.00095 FR 4(organically bound) - 0.00348 FR 5(residual) ($R^2=0.7893^{***}$) considering Cd fraction in soils.

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