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The '$\bar{A}yurveda$', Buddhistic medicine, and the present of traditional medicine can be summed up as thus. 1. The '$\bar{A}yurveda$' is a transliteration of the Sanskrit Ayur - veda and is a compound of the words 'Ayus(life)' and 'Veda(knowledge)' and means "The study of life", which means the preservation of health and the understanding and curing of diseases. 2. The '$\bar{A}yurveda$', which originated from ancient experience, was recorded in Sanskrit, which was a theorization of knowledge, and also was written in verses to make memorizing easy, and made medicine the exclusive possession of the Brahmin. The first annotations were 1060 for the "Charaka", 1200 for the "Sushruta", 1150 for the "Ashtanga Sangraha samhita", and 1100 for the "Nidana". The use of various mineral medicines in the "Charaka" or the use of mercury as internal medicine in the "Ashtanga Sangraha samhita", and the palpation of the pulse for diagnosing in the '$\bar{A}yurveda$' and XiZhang' medicine are similar to TCM's pulse diagnostics. The coexistence with Arabian 'Unani' medicine, compromise with western medicine and the reactionism trend restored the '$\bar{A}yurveda$ today. 3. When we look at the present of the education and research of the '$\bar{A}yurveda$', after gaining independence from England, India set up a modern education system of the '$\bar{A}yurveda$' and set it on an equal position with western medicine. According to the 1976 study the '$\bar{A}yurveda$' is taught in a 5 and a half year university curriculum, and the main textbooks are the Charaka - samhita("開羅迦集" - internal medicine), Sushruta-samhita("妙聞集", surgery), Madhavanidana(diagnostics), 3 volumes of Bhavaprakasa(pharmacology internal medicine, mineral medicine}, Rajanighantu (pharmacology), $Vrks\bar{A}yurveda$(plant therapy), Mahabharata(military medicine), Arthasastra(forensic medicine, toxicology) Kamasastra(science of intercourse), etc. in 10 subjects and there are 232227 certified doctors that have graduated from the 95 colleges and passed the exams.

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