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클릭스트림 데이터를 활용한 전자상거래에서 상품추천이 고객 행동에 미치는 영향 분석

Effects of Product Recommendations on Customer Behavior in e-Commerce : An Empirical Analysis of Online Bookstore Clickstream Data


Studies of recommender systems have focused on improving their performance in terms of error rates between the actual and predicted preference values. Also, many studies have been conducted to investigate the relationships between customer information processing and the characteristics of recommender systems via surveys and web-based experiments. However, the actual impact of recommendation on product pages for customer browsing behavior and decision-making in the commercial environment has not, to the best of our knowledge, been investigated with actual clickstream data. The principal objective of this research is to assess the effects of product recommendation on customer behavior in e-Commerce, using actual clickstream data. For this purpose, we utilized an online bookstore's clickstream data prior to and after the web site renovation of the store. We compared the recommendation effects on customer behavior with the data. From these comparisons, we determined that the relevant recommendations in product pages have positive relationships with the acquisition of customer attention and elaboration. Additionally, the placing of recommended items in shopping cart is positively related to suggesting the relevant recommendations. However, the frequencies at which the recommended items were purchased did not differ prior to and after the renovation of the site.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Lee, Dong Il ; Kim, Hyun Gyo 2014. "The Dynamic Research of Mobile and PC Online Media Visit Activities Effects on The E-Commerce Site Visit" 한국경영과학회지 = Journal of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 39(4): 85~95 
  2. Kim, Hyun Gyo ; Lee, Dong Il 2014. "The Effect of Deal-Proneness in the Searching Pattern on the Purchase Probability of Customer in Online Travel Services" 한국경영과학회지 = Journal of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 39(1): 29~48 


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