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논문 상세정보

배기의 유속분포가 CDPF의 재생 시 비정상적 열적 거동에 미치는 영향

The Effect of Flow Distribution on Transient Thermal Behaviour of CDPF during Regeneration


The working of diesel particulate filters(DPF) needs to periodically burn soot that has been accumulated during loading of the DPF. The prediction of the relation between an uniformity of gas velocity and soot regeneration efficiency with simulations helps to make design decisions and to shorten the development process. This work presents a comprehensive combined 'DOC+CDPF' model approach. All relevant behaviors of flow fluid are studied in a 3D model. The obtained flow fields in the front of DPF is used for 1D simulation for the prediction of the thermal behavior and regeneration efficiency of CDPF. Validation of the present simulation are performed for the axial and radial direction temperature profile and shows goods agreement with experimental data. The coupled simulation of 3D and 1D shows their impact on the overall regeneration efficiency. It is found that the flow non-uniformity may cause severe radial temperature gradient, resulting in degrading regeneration efficiency.

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