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논문 상세정보

차량용 이산화탄소 열펌프 시스템의 냉난방 성능 비교평가

Comparative Evaluation of the Cooling and Heating Performance of a $CO_2$ Heat Pump System for Vehicles


A $CO_2$ heat pump system was designed for both cooling and heating in the cabin of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles or fuel cell vehicles, In this study, the performance characteristics of the heat pump system without any supplementary heating device were analyzed and the heating performance was compared with the cooling performance for various operating conditions. Experiments were carried out by changing the speed of electric drive compressor, the air flow rate of interior heat exchanger and the air inlet temperature and speed of exterior heat exchanger. Therefore, the cooling/heating capacities and the corresponding COPs are quantified. Also, the heat pump system showed an improved performance for the cooling operation and the heating operation. In this study, the experimental results can be used to evaluate the effect of system design changes on system performance as well as the development of a highly efficient heat pump system.

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