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논문 상세정보

하이브리드 디젤엔진용 EGR 쿨러의 열교환 효율 연구

A Study on Heat Exchange Efficiency of EGR Cooler for Diesel Hybrid


Cooled EGR system is an effective method for the reduction of $NO_x$ emission and PM emission from a diesel engine. Proper choice of wavy cooling fins and gas tubes is a key factor of cooled EGR system. As a part of solutions for energy crisis and environmental problems, hybrid vehicles mounted with diesel engines are under development globally. This study investigates the cooled EGR systems for hybrid diesel engine with the specifications of both optimized wavy cooling fins and improved shape of structure to verify the heat exchange efficiency, outlet temperature and gas pressure drop of cooler by means of numerical analyses and rig performance tests. The output of this study will be applied to a 2.0L hybrid diesel engine which is being developed for domestic and overseas market.

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