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논문 상세정보

금속폼을 이용한 Partial DPF의 설계 및 전산유체해석 연구

Study of Design & CFD Analysis for Partial DPF Utilizing Metal Foam


DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter)s have been used to reduce the most of PM(particulate matters) from the exhaust emissions of diesel engine vehicles. Metal foam is one of promising materials for the DPFs due to its cost effectiveness, good thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength. It can be fabricated with various pore sizes and struct thickness and coated with catalytic wash-coats with low cost. In order to design metal foam filter and analyze the flow phenomena, pressure drop and filtration experiment are carried out. Partial DPF which has PM reduction efficiency of more than 50 % is designed in this paper. Also, CFD analysis are performed for different configurations of clean filters in terms of pressure drop, uniformity index, and velocity magnitude at face of filter. Filter thickness and the gap between front and rear filters are optimized and recommended for manufacturing purpose.

저자의 다른 논문

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