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논문 상세정보


In this paper we develop a method to observe faults in semiconductor devices and transmission lines by calculating the variation of the reflection function in a dielectric microstrip line that has an open-ended termination containing an optically induced plasma region. It is analyzed with the assumption that the plasma is distributed homogeneously in laser illumination. With the non linear material of degradation, the concentration of the carrier in the part of the material has changed. Since the input wave has produced the phenomenon of reflection, the input signal to the open-ended microstrip lines can be observed on reflection to identify the location of the fault. The characteristic impedances resulting from the presence of plasma are evaluated by the transmission line model. The variation of the reflection wave in the microwave system has been calculated by using an equivalent circuit model. The transient response has been also evaluated theoretically for changing the phase of the variation in the reflection. The variation of characteristic response in differentially localized has been also evaluated analytically.

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  1. Wang, Xue ; Choi, Yue-Soon ; Park, Jong-Goo ; Kim, Yong-K. 2009. "Study of Transient Response in Non-uniform Plasma Layer with Optically-Controlled Microwave Pulses" 전기학회논문지 = The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, 58(6): 1174~1179 

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