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The early Ordovician graptolites from the upper part (Tumok Member) of the Mungok Formation of the Namaeri and Baeiljae sections at Yeongwol consist of five species belonging to five genera. They are Adelograptus cf. tenellus, Callograptus sp., Dendrograptus suni, Dictyonema sp., and Psigraptus jacksoni. Of these 5 species, Psigraptus is the most excellent index fossil for international correlation with the early Ordovician strata. Adelograptus cf. tenellus from the Mungok Formation of the Namaeri and Baeiljae sections is also recognized with especially short stipe relative to Adelograptus tenellus. Three graptolite zones (such as Adelograptus, Psigraptus, and Dendroid type zones) are correlated with those of Canada, Australia, and China, respectively. The upper part of the Mungok Formation is assigned to the late Tremadocian.

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