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A Study of Dust Effect on Performance of Heat Exchangers with Louver and Wavy Fins


Automotive heat exchangers use louver fins for their high efficiency. However, the efficiency can significantly drop for constructional vehicles or heavy equipments due to dust deposited on the louver fins with narrow slits. Thus it is necessary to develop new fins that lead to less fouling, so that a better performance can be achieved after exposure to a dusty environment over long period of time. New wavy fins were considered in the study and numerically analysed to compare with louver fins in the areas of air-side pressure drop, heat release rate, and particulate deposition. In addition, an experiment was done on the pressure drop and the particulate deposition. The results showed that the wavy fins would be a better choice for long-term use due to the excellent dust-proof performance in comparison to louver fins, in spite of the initial inferior performance of heat release.

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