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논문 상세정보


The continued rise in the number of automobiles on the roads is prompting air pollution to emerge as a serious problem due to the harmful exhaust gas emissions throughout the world. Specifically, based on the exhaust gas regulation in North America represented by PZEV, the regulation on evaporative emission, which originates from the intake manifold system when the engine is stopped, is substantially being intensified. And the technology that can meet and satisfy these regulations has been needed. This study aimed to analyze and evaluate the butane working capacity (BWC) of HC adsorption filter according to the shape of it, which was developed to reduce evaporative emission, and the effect of HC adsorption filter on the engine performance. As a results, HC adsorption filter of the plate type, which was improved compared to that of the corrugated type and also became thinner, indicates higher absorption performance compared to the corrugated one. The absorption performance of the honeycomb type, derived from improving the shape of plate type, is 33.5% higher than that of the corrugated type. However, there was no significant difference in engine performance in all shapes.

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