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논문 상세정보


This internet search was made to collect background information for a short-term training proposal for securing a national critical mass in ecological risk assessment the need of which is drastically increasing in every sector of Korean society due to the advent of new environmental regulations in industrialized countries, such as EU REACH. This study depended mainly on internet search engines and individual home pages of concerned universities, colleges, and organizations involved in short-term training. Out of lecture titles and syllabus of 200 Korean universities, 86 Japanese national universities, and numerous English speaking educational and training institutions in the world, 60 syllabi were selected and analysed for comparison purpose. Conclusion from the analysis is as follows: Firstly, individual component lectures for ecological risk assessment is provided at different departments in Korea, but no lecture is at present given under the sole title of ecological risk assessment. Secondly, several lectures under the title of ecological risk assessment are open in English-speaking industrialized countries. Lectures as well as technical training and field studies are emphasized in those courses. Lecturers from the regulatory authorities are also involved in those courses. Several short-term training courses are also under operation. Thirdly, it was concluded that the difference in the level of education/training in ecological risk assessment is originated from the substantive requirement of ecological risk in the concerned laws and regulations. Therefore, it is suggested that training of domestic man power in this area is urgent to cope with the industrial pressure imposed by the environmental regulations concerned with chemicals/articles import and export from/to industrialized countries and also to upgrade the domestic laws and regulations.

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