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논문 상세정보


YBCO bulks with fine $Y_2BaCuO_5$(Y211) particles have been prepared by the top-seed modified powder melting process method, Solid-Liquid Melt Growth(SLMG), with $Y_2O_3$, $BaCuO_2$ and CuO mixing precursor. By using $Y_2O_3$ instead of $Y_2BaCuO_5$ as precursor, the processing became to be simpler and cheaper than the current powder melting process. The microstructures, trapped field and critical current density of the various conditioned YBCO bulks have been analyzed and the effect of Pt additive was studied. The different trapped magnetic field values of the several samples have been explained in the viewpoint of their microstructures. The fabrication of large-sized YBCO single domain has been conducted.

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