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논문 상세정보

Inhibition of Browning and Preference Improvements of Dioscorea batatas through the Addition of Sugar Alcohols and Organic Acids

Journal of food science and nutrition v.14 no.3 , 2009년, pp.220 - 225  

In this study, the color value, water solubility, swelling power and sensory evaluation of Dioscorea batatas was examined with the addition of functional additives such as sugar alcohols and organic acids to investigate the browning inhibition and preference of these additives. Treatment with erythritol and citric acid were found to result in the highest hunter L-value, solubility and swelling power relative to the other functional additives. Therefore, erythritol and citric acid were selected as additives for Dioscorea batatas. The Dioscorea batatas containing the mixed additives (erythritol and citric acid) showed higher brightness, water solubility and swelling power than those containing only a single additive. In addition, the color and taste preference determined in the sensory evaluation had higher values when the mixed additives were used.

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