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논문 상세정보

전기 차량의 민감도 상관관계

Sensitivity Correlations of Electrical Vehicle


Generally, finite element models used in structural analysis have some uncertainties of the geometric dimensions, applied loads and boundary conditions, as well as in material properties due to the manufacturability of aluminum intensive body. Therefore, it is very important to refine or update a finite element model by correlating it with dynamic and static tests. The structural optimization problems of automotive body are considered for mechanical structures with initial stiffness due to preloading and in operation condition or manufacturing. As the mean compliance and deflection under preloading are chosen as the objective function and constraints, their sensitivities must be derived. The optimization problem is iteratively solved by a sequential convex approximation method in the commercial software. The design variables are corrected by the strain energy scale factor in the element levels. This paper presents an updated method based on the sensitivities of structural responses and the residual error vectors between experimental and simulation models.

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