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논문 상세정보

전복 안정성을 고려한 SUV 현가장치 파라미터의 최적설계

Optimum Design of SUV Suspension Parameters Considering Rollover Stability


In recent years, the rollover accident of large class of vehicles has become important safety issue. Even though the rollover form a small percentage of all traffic accidents, they have a fatal effect upon the driver and passenger. Among the traffic accidents occurred in driving, the rollover is the major cause of traffic fatalities. Therefore, it is required to develop the analytical and experimental techniques for predicting rollover propensity of vehicles and also to improve the vehicle suspension design in the viewpoint of rollover resistance. In this study, the parameter sensitivities for the roll angle of SUV suspension are analyzed, and then the determined design parameters are optimized by using the regression model function of the response surface methods. The analysis results show that the roll angle of the optimized vehicle is decreased as compared with the initial vehicle and also the rollover possibility is decreased when the roll rate of the front suspension is larger than the roll rate of the rear suspension.

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