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논문 상세정보

세계 컨텐츠산업의 지적재산권 문제 - 일본의 대책과 한국에의 시사점

IPR Issues in World contents Industry - Japanese countermeasures and Its Lessons to Korea -


The content industries environment has been undergoing significant changes due to rapid technological innovation and content market expansion. Interest in the industry is growing fast both in Asia and Europe. However, in Japan content industries are showing almost zero growth with no increase in overseas expansion. Until now, Japanese content industries have been able to grow based on domestic demands. Many different factors contributed to today's zero growth in Japanese content industries. Two main reasons are: 1) Their lack of interest in overseas expansion and 2) Insufficient investment in domestic human resources development. Considerable amounts of Japanese contents including films, music, games, and animations have been distributed in many Asian countries and today piracy problems in the region are at a serious level. According to 2004 records pirated editions accounted for 85%, 16%, 19%, and 36% in China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan respectively. Pirated editions bring economic losses to Japanese copyright profits. Making it worse, they weaken the motivation to create content and make it hard to activate cultural exchanges. Losses from copyright violations in Japanese content industries are expected to keep increasing in the future. In order to make Japan competitive and grow it is crucial to take proper measures to protect copyright infringements. This study considers the current situation of the Japanese content market, infringement issues in content which is causing many problems in Asian countries, including China, and facts about losses caused by this problem.

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