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Purpose: This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of implant drilling speed on the composition of particle size of collected bone debris. Methods: $Br{\aa}nemark$ $System^{(R)}$ drills were used to collect bone debris from 10 drilling holes (1 unit) at 1,500 rpm (Group A) and 800 rpm (Group B) in bovine mandible. After separating particles by size into > 500 ${\mu}m$, between 250 ${\mu}m$ and 500 ${\mu}m$, and < 250 ${\mu}m$ fractions, particle wet volume, dry volume, and weight were measured and the proportion of 3 fractions of bone debris to total wet volume, dry volume and weight was calculated as wet volume % , dry volume % and weight %. Results: No significant differences were found between Group A and B in wet volume, dry volume, and weight. However, of >500 ${\mu}m$ fractions, Group B had significantly higher wet volume %(P = 0.0059) and dry volume %(P = 0.0272) than in Group A. Conclusions: The drilling speed influenced the composition of particle size in collected drilling bone debris. The drilling in 800 rpm produced the more percentage of large particles than in 1,500 rpm. However, the drilling speed didn't effect on total volume of and weight of bone debris.

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