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논문 상세정보


Objectives: Several domestic search systems for research projects providing capabilities of searching and managing the research information based on metadata have been completed, although they cannot search projects for specific domains such as the Oriental Medicine field. Therefore, in this paper we propose an effective method for collecting and refining information of research projects in the oriental medicine field. We also design and implement a search management system based on the collected information. Methods: We chose three search elements and defined the collecting process for research projects. The collected information was refined to enhance the quality of results. Then, the search management system was implemented by Adobe Flex. Results: We were able to collect 1,688 research projects in the oriental medicine field. We also implemented the search management system, which provides the functionalities of search and management such as input, update, delete, spreadsheet import/export of R&D projects, user management and access control. Conclusions: The collected information and the search management system will be used in a project analysis system which will be constructed in the future. The project analysis system could help to analyze trends in oriental medicine research as well as construct a technical roadmap.

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