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논문 상세정보

쥐눈이콩 첨가 스무디의 제조조건 최적화

Optimal Mixing Conditions of Smoothie Added Small Black Soybean Using Response Surface Methodology


The principal objective of this study was to determine the optimal mixing conditions of three different amounts of small black soybeans, sugar, and plain yogurt, for the preparation of a small black soybean smoothie. The experimental design utilized herein was based on the Central composite design methodology of response surface, which included 16 experimental points, including 2 replicates for the small black soybeans, sugar, and plain yogurt. The physiochemical and sensory properties of the test were measured, and these values were applied to the mathematical models. A canonical form and perturbation plot showed the influence of each ingredient on the mixed final product. The L value and a value decreased with increasing quantities of small black soybeans, but the b values increased with greater additions of small black soybeans. Sweetness increased with increasing amount of added sugar. The results of sensory evaluation showed very significant values for color (p<0.01), taste (p<0.05) and overall quality (p<0.05) in the predicted model. As a result, the optimum formulations by numerical and graphical methods were calculated as follows: small black soybean 79.46 g, plain yogurt 275.07 g, sugar 21.20 g.

저자의 다른 논문

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