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논문 상세정보

OLED 디스플레이 제작을 위한 Joule 유도 결정화 공정에서의 유리기판에 대한 열해석

Thermal Analysis on Glass Backplane of OLED Displays During Joule Induced Crystallization Process


Large area crystallization of amorphous silicon thin-films on glass substrates is one of key technologies in manufacturing flat displays. Among various crystallization technologies, the Joule induced crystallization (JIC) is considered as the highly promising one in the OLED fabrication industries, since the amorphous silicon films on the glass can be crystallized within tens of microseconds, minimizing the thermally and structurally harmful influence on the glass. In the JIC process the metallic layers can be utilized to heat up the amorphous silicon thin films beyond the melting temperatures of silicon and can be fabricated as electrodes in OLED devices during the subsequent processes. This numerical study investigates the heating mechanisms during the JIC process and estimates the deformation of the glass substrate. Based on the thermal analysis, we can understand the temporal and spatial temperature fields of the backplane and its warping phenomena.

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