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줄 가열 변화에 따른 박막 트랜지스터 내 포논 열 흐름에 대한 수치적 연구

Effect of Joule Heating Variation on Phonon Heat Flow in Thin Film Transistor


The anisotropic phonon conductions with varying Joule heating rate of the silicon film in Silicon-on-Insulator devices are examined using the electron-phonon interaction model. It is found that the phonon heat transfer rate at each boundary of Si-layer has a strong dependence on the heating power rate. And the phonon flow decreases when the temperature gradient has a sharp change within extremely short length scales such as phonon mean free path. Thus the heat generated in the hot spot region is removed primarily by heat conduction through Si-layer at the higher Joule heating level and the phonon nonlocality is mainly attributed to lower group velocity phonons as remarkably dissimilar to the case of electrons in laser heated plasmas. To validate these observations the modified phonon nonlocal model considering complete phonon dispersion relations is introduced as a correct form of the conventional theory. We also reveal that the relation between the phonon heat deposition time from the hot spot region and the relaxation time in Si-layer can be used to estimate the intrinsic thermal resistance in the parallel heat flow direction as Joule heating level varies.

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