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논문 상세정보

내접 기어를 이용한 프리텐셔너의 구동 메커니즘 개발

Development of Operating Mechanism of a Pretensioner using Internal Gear Pairs


The pretensioner is used to retract the belt webbing and tighten up any slack in the event of a crash. The retracting force of the pretensioner helps move the passenger into the optimum crash position in his or her seat. In this paper, the new concept of an operating mechanism of the pretensioning system is presented. The internal gear design program is developed using MATLAB. Two kinds of numerical analysis model are created. The first one, the rigid body dynamic model, is used to estimate the performance of several gear pairs. The initial performance of the new operating mechanism is analyzed and the best combination of the gear pairs is selected. The second one, the structural dynamic model, is used to calculate the deformation of the gear teeth. To decrease the deformation and interference of the teeth, the shape of the gear pairs is changed.

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