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논문 상세정보


If the fiber reinforced plastic is exposed to the moisture for a long period of time, most of moisture absorption occurs on the resin place, thus dropping cohesiveness between the molecules as the water molecules permeated between high molecular chains grant high molecular mobility and flexibility. Also as the micro crack occurs due to the permeation of moisture on the interface of glass fiber and epoxy resin, it is developed to the overall damage of interface place. Hence, the study on absorption is essential as the mechanical and physical properties of fiber reinforced composites are reduced. However, the study on absorption has the inconvenience needing to expose composite materials to fresh water or seawater for 1 month or up to 1 year. Therefore, this study has exposed fiber reinforced composites to fresh water and has developed a model with an accuracy of 98% after comparing the analysis value obtained by using ANSYS while basing on the experimental value of property decline by absorption and the basic properties of glass fiber and epoxy resin used in the experiment.

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