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논문 상세정보

경기 가구단지의 디자인 경쟁력 구축을 위한 산업육성 방안 - 이태리 밀라노 가구단지의 선진화 모델을 중심으로

Industry fostering plan to establish design competitiveness of Gyeonggi furniture complex -Focused on advanced model of Milan Furniture Complex in Italy-


The furniture industry in Korea is characterized by its 42.6% of concentration in Gyeonggi Metropolitan area. When taking a look at the representative furniture complexes including Maseok, Ilsan, and Eojeong, the furniture complexes and stores were spontaneously generated at the outskirts of a city whose land cost is relatively cheap. As a consequence, they tend to be jumbled up and face to be moved or contracted forcefully owing to the new town development plan of Metropolitan areas. In contrast, Italia that is one of the advanced country in furniture industry, cultivates and develops furniture complexes in Brianza district by supporting them oriented in the metropolis Milano while hosting large-scale furniture exhibitions. Such attempts have advanced the position of the italian furniture industry into the most leading figure. In this extent, the furniture industry in Korea that is a traditional industry of Gyeonggi Province has to device a political measure and systematic measure for its cultivation as a way to secure the foundation to develop a high value-added product and foster its competitiveness. Such movements are suggested for the development of the furniture industry in Gyeonggi Province.

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