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논문 상세정보

Vlasov 보 모델을 이용한 컨테이너 선박의 스프링잉 응답해석

Analysis of Linear Springing Responses of a Container Carrier by using Vlasov Beam Model


Modern ultra-large container carriers can be exposed to the unprecedented springing excitation from ocean waves due to their relatively low torsional rigidity. Large deck opening on the deck of container carriers tends to cause warping distortion of hull structure under wave-induced excitation, eventually leading to the higher chance of resonance vibration between its torsional response and incoming waves. To handle this problem, a higher-order B-spline Rankine panel method and Vlasov-beam FE model was directly coupled in the time domain, and the coupled equation was solved by using an implicit iterative method. In order to capture the complicated behavior of thin-walled open section girder, a sophisticated beam-based finite element model was developed, which takes into account warping distortion and shear-on-wall effect. Then, the developed beam model was directly coupled with the time-domain Rankine panel method for hydrodynamic problem by using the fixed-point iteration method. The developed computational scheme was validated through the comparison with the frequency-domain solution on the container carrier model in linear springing regime.

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