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논문 상세정보

회전굽힘 피로 하에서의 철도 차축재료 프레팅 피로거동 평가

The Evaluation of Fretting Fatigue Behavior on Rotary Bending Fatigue for Railway Axle Material


Fretting damage can be observed in automobile and railway vehicle, fossil and nuclear power plant, aircraft etc. In the present study, railway axle material RSA1 used for evaluation of fretting fatigue life. Plain and fretting fatigue tests were carried out using rotary bending fatigue tester with proving ring and bridge type contact pad. Through these test, the following results are obtained: 1) it is found that the fretting fatigue limit of standard specimen decreased about 37% compared to the plain fatigue limit. 2) The early crack of Shinkansen type specimens initiated in contact area and final fractured below samp=214 MPa. 3) The early crack of all TGV type specimens initiated in rounded area and fractured. 4) Tire tracks and rubbed scars were observed in the oblique crack region and fatigue crack growth region of fracture surface. 5) The wear debris is observed on the contact surface, and oblique cracks at an earlier stage are initiated in contact area. These results can be used as useful data in a structural integrity evaluation of railway axle.

저자의 다른 논문

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