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논문 상세정보

아토피 피부염 영유아 이유식에 대한 인식조사 및 관련 웹 사이트 현황 평가

Care Giver's Perceptions and Systematic Evaluation of Korean Websites about Baby Food for Atopic Dermatitis Infants


The study surveyed care giver's perceptions of baby food and evaluated the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Korean websites related to the baby food for atopic dermatitis infants. Sources of care giver information about baby food were the internet (93%), clinics (57%), television (52%), oriental clinics (37%), and neighbors (6%). The five most commonly-used internet search engines (Daum, Google, Nate, Naver and Yahoo) were searched using the terms "atopic dermatitis", "weaning food" and "baby food". The searched websites included oriental medical clinics (38.8%), online merchant companies (13.4%), corporations (13.4%), medical clinics (11.9%), related associations (11.9%), public health centers (4.4%) and personal sites (4.4%). Website food and nutrition information included medical information about baby food for atopic dermatitis (92.6%), baby food for atopic dermatitis (67.6%), related community (58.8%), product information (32.4%) and baby food preparation for atopic dermatitis (23.5%). Qualitative evaluation was conducted based on the American Library Association website checklist; Website operator and information sources were provided for 62.7% and 38.8% of the websites, respectively. The purpose of a website was more explicitly stated in medical clinic sites than nonmedical sites. Only 24.2% of websites had a title that appropriately reflected the site's purpose. The majority (92.5%) of the sites were easy to read and understand. Information was judged to be sufficient in 65% of the medical sites and 74.1% of non-medical sites. A feedback menu and search function were enabled in 85.1% and 28.4% of the sites, respectively. The mean score for quality grade was 14.64 (range 9-19). In conclusion, in order to improve the information of baby food for atopic dermatitis infants in websites, accurate information by experts and continuing monitoring are highly required.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Lee, Seok-Hwa ; Lee, Hee-Jin ; Han, Young-Shin ; Ahn, Kang-Mo ; Lee, Sang-Il ; Chung, Sang-Jin 2011. "Excessive Food Restriction in Children with Atopic Dermititis" 대한지역사회영양학회지 = Korean journal of community nutrition, 16(6): 627~635 


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