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논문 상세정보

역사적 고찰로 본 우유 음용 및 건강효과

The Historical Background of Milk and Its Health Effect


Recently some negative opinions on milk, for instance, 'don't drink, if you want to live long' 'people who drink milk life-long, they suffer from arteriosclerosis' or 'milk is not helpful to osteoporosis, because it's acid food' etc. are confusing the regular consumers who believe milk is one of the best food, although milk has been used for a longtime since it was proved as the most nutritionally perfect food by many scientific researchers and medical doctors. According to the contents of negative assertion, experiments were carried out mostly targeting western people who are eating bread with butter everyday and taking large quantity of meat & milk, probably 2~3 times more than asian people. So, the probability of suffering from many diseases like obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis etc. is naturally high. Therefore, comparison itself between westerner and asian is not reasonable because of quite different food culture and fat intake far less. Milk has been contributing to the health of human for hundreds years supplying many nutrients, and this kind of contribution will last as long as humankind exist on the earth. However, milk is good source of many functional components, there are some people who can not drink milk. As a nutritionist said, milk is a kind of food, the only problem is quantity, people who can not digest milk can choose another and who want to drink milk, drink it as much as they need. That's all.

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