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논문 상세정보

뉴질랜드의 교사교육 프로그램과 수학교사교육

Teacher Education Program and Mathematics Teacher Education in New Zealand


The purpose of teacher education can be accepted in various meanings but it is not too much to say that the ultimate purpose is focused on training teachers to teach instruction in school effectively. The purpose of this article consists in giving some suggestive points to the primary teacher education of our country by introducing education system, teacher education programs, real cases of teacher education in new zealand to the readers. To do this, I took part in four classes and observed the ones, interviewed some students and collected the materials of products of activity during one year and also videotaped for analysis in the case of needed and so we have reached the following conclusions. First, we have found that the teacher education program, practicum, management of class and assessment system of new zealand college of education are quite different with our primary teacher education systems and also various courses are established. Second, the teacher education in new zealand is focused on how they compose the environment of learning related to the context of one. Third, we have to think seriously how we can teach our students interestingly in our classroom. Finally, the global trend of instruction in new zealand teacher education is oriented to learner and so I felt that daily class itself is the one to cultivate creativity of learner.

저자의 다른 논문

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