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논문 상세정보

GIS와 농업통계자료를 활용한 바이오매스 가용부존량 분석

Analysis of Feasible Biomass Potential Using GIS and Aggregating Agricultural Census Data


Recently, biomass application for energy is getting more interests from many countries since biomass is widely available over the nation wide, whereas fossil fuels are produced in several limited regions. Recognizing the importance, government is promoting renewable energy use in Korea. The locational characteristics of the existing biomass potential directly can be used to decide scale of power plant for local agricultural facility. Although there are a few studies on feasible biomass potential in local areas, it is expected that both government and commercial sectors recognize the potential of biomass energy and the importance of reducing greenhouse gases. When planning biomass energy systems, biomass price is determined by the costs of collection, transportation, chipping, drying if required. In this paper investigates the economic and spatial characteristic of biomass location by land use map. However typical area of each categories in local region is not correct to agricultural census data. Therefore we concerned about how to calculate feasible biomass potential which it can be describing total amount of plant scale, and to match both of data. Even though its spatial distribution, in rural area in Korea, to expand biomass energy programs in the area, government serve to find areas of higher biomass production with suitable locations for plants to convert to bio-energy in order to increase the usage of renewable energy.

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