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경사 전극 배열을 이용한 고밀도 하드 디스크의 마이크로 구동부 제작

A Microcatuator for High-Density Hard Disk Drive Using Skewed Electrode Arrays


This paper reports the design and fabrication of a micro-electro-mechanical-system(MEMS)-based electrostatic angular microactuator for a dual-stage servo. The proposed actuator employs a novel electrode pattern named "skewed electrode array(SEA)" scheme. It is shown that SEA has better linearity than a parallel plate type actuator and stronger force than a comb-drive based actuator. The moving and the fixed electrodes are arranged to make the driving force perpendicular to the rotating moment of arm. By changing the electrode overlap length, the magnitude of electrostatic force and stable displacement will be changed. In order to optimize the design, an electrostatic FE analysis was carried out and an empirical force model was established for SEA. A new assembly method which will allow the active electrodes to be located beneath the slider was developed. The active electrodes are connected by inner and outer rings lifted on the base substrate, and the inner and outer rings are connected to platform on which the slider locates. Electrostatic force between active electrodes and platform can be used for exiting out of plane modes, so this provides the possibility of the flying height control. A microactuator that can position the pico-slider over ${\pm}0.5{\mu}m$ using under 20 volts for a 2 kHz fine-tracking servo was designed and fabricated using SoG process.

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