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논문 상세정보

여성복의 구매빈도에 의한 선호도 및 치수 시스템 인지도에 관한 분석

Analysis of Preferences Based on Purchasing Frequencies and Recognitions of Sizing System for Female Garments


The research is a survey and analysis of female apparel preferences, and recognition of the KS sizing system for adult female garments. The practical surveys in this research are examined by total number of subjects, 200 women who are living in Seoul, South Korea. The homogeneity test using Chi-square statistics, and the analysis of frequencies and ratios of contingency tables were performed with the data which are classified by age, education level, income level and housing modalities. The findings in this study are as follows: 1. Women's preferences for purchasing female garments indicate significant differences between subjects, such as age, education level, income level and housing modalities. Moreover, the following five types of adult female garments were analyzed in this study: upper garment, lower garment, one-piece apparel, sportswear and sleepwear. The results of the preference study show an indirect understanding of the KSK 0051 classification system for subjects of the survey. Therefore the preference study can be used as a pilot study for the sizing recognition survey. 2. Women's recognition of the KSK 0051 sizing system for adult female adult garments do not indicate significant differences based on the characteristics of age, education level, income level and housing modalities. The low recognition of the KS sizing system is due to too many details and complex numbers of application for users. Therefore, the sizing system should be simplified and rearranged to be more effective and have more recognizable categories.

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