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논문 상세정보


Remanufacturing is restoring or manufacturing the worn-out or discarded components of an end of life product in order to bring it to the "like new" condition. The aim is to reprocess used products in such a manner that the quality of the products is as good as or better than the new one, in terms of appearance, reliability and performance. This paper investigates the automotive remanufacturing industry in Europe. To further knowledge in this field, the paper focuses on the remanufacturing of the automotive components of end-of-life vehicles. The paper scope emphasizes key remanufacturing companies, which are identified and were surveyed in terms of their business structures. The research aims to address the potential for growth within the remanufacturing industry, with regard to various players. The state of the art in remanufacturing of automotive equipment will be identified.

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