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Canine pyometra generally occurs in intact female dogs of more than four years of age. However, in rarely cases, pyometra can occur in young bitches. In the present report, two cases of pyometra in thirteen and eighteen months of age were presented. In both cases, absent of vaginal discharge represented that both patients had closed-cervix pyometra and diagnosis was somewhat complicated. In complete blood count, elevated level of leukocyte with left shift was found in both cases. Serum chemistry analysis showed elevation of alkaline phosphatase in both cases. Additionally, mild elevation of aspartate transferase and total protein were also found in $2^{nd}$ case. Radiographic and ultrasonographic findings show the enlargement of uterus and accumulation of fluid contents inside the uterine lumen. Ovariohysterectomy followed by antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for post-surgery medication was performed for treatment. After a week, both patients fully recovered. To reduce mortality of pyometra in young intact female dogs, radiography or ultrasonography should be indicated immediately in the bitches showing severe infectious inflammation.

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