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논문 상세정보


For the purpose of improving crashworthiness qualities and maximizing weight saving efficiency, TWB's(tailor welded blanks) of quench-hardenable boron steel sheet formed by hot stamping processes has been used for automotive BIW (body in white) applications. In this work, the flow behaviors of TWB of quench-hardenable boron steel sheet were investigated in uniaxial tension tests at elevated temperature. TWB's having a uniform thickness of 1.4mm were fabricated by laser welding. Specimens with two weld line directions were used to test the mechanical property and reliability of the weld zone. After heating at $950^{\circ}C$ for 5min, the specimens were subjected to tension test at 650, 700 and $800^{\circ}C$ with a strain rate of 0.01 /s and at $700^{\circ}C$ with strain rates of 0.01, 0.1 and 1/s. The ultimate strength of the weld zones was higher than that of the base materials at 650 and $700^{\circ}C$, but was similar to the base metal at $800^{\circ}C$. Fracture occurred at the base material at 650 and $700^{\circ}C$, but at the weld zone at $800^{\circ}C$.

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