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논문 상세정보

Louis I. Kahn의 미술관 건축에 나타난 평면구성에 관한 연구 - Yale University Art Gallery Extension을 중심으로

Plan Composition Expressed in the Architecture of Art Gallery Designed by Louis I. Kahn - Focus on the Yale University Art Gallery Extension -


The purpose of this study is to investigate and analyze the compositional elements of plan of art museums by selecting architectural works, which have strong symbolic meaning when evaluating value, from architectural works by Louis Kahn. First, the centrality of artworks, which are being displayed at the Yale Art Gallery, is complex. It includes three patterns of Void (spatial) Centrality+Symbolic Centrality+Functional Centrality among the five patterns suggested in this study. Second, the ratio system of interior space, which is expressed in the extension of the Yale Art Gallery, can be classified into the floor and walls. The floor used the square 1:1 ratio system. The ceiling used the grid patterns of equilateral triangles (regular tetrahedrons). It was applying a geometric ratio system when creating forms by using one side as a beam and the other sides as decorations of the ceiling. Third, the contours of interior space, which were expressed in Kahn's works, used the method of forming separate space according to the contouring rule (structural unit) defined by columns, and they were used in constructing the entire space through the integration of separate spaces. Fourth, according to the characteristics that were expressed by artworks displayed within the Yale Art Gallery Extension, the concept of accessibility was not as clear as that of residential buildings, because an approach of respecting existing architecture and context was used, rather than the starting point of interior space, or differentiated circulation, which has the function of a determined position.

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