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논문 상세정보


Purpose : This study was performed to evaluate possible variations in maxillary and mandibular bone texture of normal population using the fractal analysis, particles count, and area fraction in intraoral radiographs. Materials and Methods : Periapical radiographs of patients who had full mouth intraoral radiographs were collected. Regions of interest ($100{\times}100$ pixels) were located between the teeth of the maxillary anterior, premolar, and molar area, as well as the mandibular anterior, premolar, and molar areas. The fractal dimension (FD) was calculated by using the box counting method. The particle count (PC) and area fraction (AF) analyses were also performed. Results : There was no significant difference in the FD values among the different groups of age, gender, upper, and lower jaws. The mean FD value was $1.49{\pm}0.01$. The mean PC ranged from 44 to 54, and the mean AF ranged from 10.92 to 11.85. The values of FD, PC, and AF were significantly correlated with each other except for the upper molar area. Conclusion : According to the results, patients with normal trabecular pattern showed a FD of approximately 1.5. Based on these results, further investigation would be recommended if the FD value of patient significantly differenct from this number, since the alteration of this value indicates microstructural modification of trabecular pattern of the jaws. Additionally, with periapical radiographs, simple and cost-effective, PC and AF could be used to assess the deviation from the normal.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. 2012. "" Imaging science in dentistry, 42(4): 231~235 
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