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논문 상세정보

여대생의 성에 대한 지식, 태도 및 성행동에 관한 연구 - 보건계열과 비보건계열을 중심으로

The Research on Sexual Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of the Woman Student - Oriented to Health and Non-health Groups -


The purpose of this study is to provide substantial foundation to establish effective sex education plan for female college students. For this purpose, we compared female college students with health related majors and the ones with non-health related majors in knowledge in sex, attitude toward sex, and sexual experience. We took the form of self-recording to survey 269 single female college students. The result is as follows. For knowledge in sex, including reproductive organs, contraception, delivery, sexual disease, and sexual intercourse, students with health-related majors(20.59) gained higher scores than students with non-health related majors(16.82). Scores for attitude toward sex indicated 2.43 for the health related majors and 2.35 for the non-health related majors. Attitude toward pre-marital sex, sex admissibility, and abortion showed especially distinct result between the two groups. Whether a student has ever engaged in sexual intercourse served as a significant variable to determine knowledge in sex overall, and the indexes such as sexual pleasure, chasteness, marital values, and attitude towards sex indicated significant differences. The result may be interpreted that the students with sexual experience tend to show more open attitude toward sex. The result indicated that contraception, pregnancy, and delivery were the parts that the participants most wanted to be educated on. Knowledge in sex is both positively correlated with attitude toward sex and sexual behavior. Also, the result indicates that knowledge in sex, both subjective and objective, significantly affects sexual behavior.

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