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식물생장조절제 처리가 인삼의 장과 및 종자 형성에 미치는 영향

Effects of Plant Growth Regulator Treatment on Ginseng berry and seed development in Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer


This study was conducted to select plant growth regulators effective at ginseng berry set inhibition to help root growth in Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer). PGRs (ethephon, gibberellic acid, maleic hydrazide, coumarin) were applied to field grown 5-year-old Korean ginseng between one and two times, before and during bloom in 2009, 2010. The number of treatment was more effective in ginseng berry set inhibition when used two times compared with one time in GA 1,000 ppm, MH (5,000, 10,000 ppm), coumarin (5,000, 10,000 ppm) treatment. According to treatment period of plant growth regulator, ginseng berry set inhibition rate from 20days before flowering date to 5days after blooming was the highest in MH 5000 ppm showing 99.9% and the lowest in GA 100 ppm showing 32.8%. The spray treatments of Ethephon (50, 150 ppm) and MH (5,000, 10,000 ppm) from 20 days before the flowering bloom up to 5 days before, and coumarin (5,000, 10,000 ppm) from 20 days to 6 days and before blooming that induced the inhibitory effect more than 90% after 12 weeks. Considering ginseng berry set inhibition characteristics and treatment period ethephon and coumarin was important about applied period but, MH treatment appeared to effective ginseng berry set inhibition regardless of treatment period.

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