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논문 상세정보


With the recent advancement of control method and battery technology, the electric vehicle have been researched to replace the conventional vehicle with electric vehicle with the view point of the environmental concerns and energy conservation. An electric vehicle which is equipped with the independent front steering system and in-wheel motors has advantage in terms of control. For example, the different torque which generated by left and right wheels directly can make yaw moment and the independent steering using outer wheel control is able to reduce the sideslip angle. Using of independent steering and driving system, the 4 wheel electric vehicle can improve a performance better than conventional vehicle. In this paper, we consider the method for improving the cornering performance of independent front steering system and in-wheel motor used electric vehicle with the compensated outer wheel angle and direct yaw moment control. Simulation results show that the method can improve the cornering performance of 4 wheel electric vehicle. We also apply the steering motor failure to steer the vehicle turned by the torque difference without steering. This paper describes an independent front steering and driving, consist of three parts; Vehicle Model, Control Algorithm for independent steering and driving and simulation. First, vehicle model is application of TruckSim software for independent front steering and 4 wheel driving. Second, control algorithm describes the reduced sideslip and direct yaw moment method in view of cornering performance. Last is simulation and verification.

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