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논문 상세정보

절삭가공(切削加工)에 사용(使用)되는 절삭유(切削油)의 농도최적화(濃度最適化)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究

A Study on Optimization of The Concentration of Cutting Oil to be used for Cutting


It is indispensable to modern society metal processing since the industrialized rapidly, but it is a metalworking cutting fluid immediately. In addition, this means selecting a emulsion on the basis of quality criteria processing method, the material of the material, cutting depth, cutting speed, Djourou fence Liang, and surface roughness, cutting oil, the shape of the device based on the emulsion, I will be the structure of the tank, filtration equipment also changes. In particular, acting bacteria is now breeding in response to the passage of time due to metal ion degradation due to heat generated hydraulic fluid leakage, humidity tung, during processing, seep from processing material at the time of processing the water-soluble cutting oil for generating the malodor by dropping significantly the performance of the cutting oil to corruption from, sometimes by introducing various additives to suppress spoilage in advance. In this study, we expect the effect of the cost reduction in the extension of fluid replacement cycle through the application of the management apparatus and deep understanding in the management of cutting fluid, the working environment through the understanding and interest of workers in the production site more than anything I try to become useful for the improvement.

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